Dođi, pogodi, osvoji

Construction of a complete studio, making games, props etc.

Rijeka Civic Museum

Sugar Refinery Palace

With the City of Rijeka capital investment in culture, co-financed by EU funds, the magnificent Baroque palace was renovated, in which an attractive museum dedicated to the history of Rijeka and the Palace itself was arranged. We contributed in the form of markings, legends, canvases, light frames, painted wall and glass surfaces…


HNK - Orašar

Printing wallpaper coverings and canvases up to 5 m wide for the purpose of creating the scenography for the ballet The Nutcracker, which changed the entire visual after 10 years.

Scenographic elements

321 Kuhaj

Depending on the needs of the shooting, we made props and branded furniture, floors and walls.


Big Brother

Production of scenography with very demanding elements of production, lighting and editing.



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